We are central London developers specialising in large-scale complex assets. Working with clients across the sector, our profound insight into the occupier mindset informs every project. We work collaboratively, champion great design and deliver value for the long term.

What We Do
  • We are central London development experts who form world-class teams to deliver world-class buildings.

    CO—RE works with property investors to make the most of their existing assets and discover new opportunities. We bring unparalleled experience and vision to the process, maximising the development opportunity at every stage for every client.

    Over the past 20 years, CO—RE has advised on over 12.5 million sq ft with an investment value of over £10bn.

  • Our approach is comprehensive and analytical. We regularly undertake options appraisals on schemes to determine development viability and inform our strategy.

    Our constant presence in all parts of the market – acquisition, leasing, procuring, construction and demolition – gives us special insight into analysing schemes and assessing risk.

  • We have a first-hand deep understanding of the crucially important and ever-evolving occupier market, with an intimate knowledge of occupier trends, their demands and the corresponding implications for office design.

  • We deliver schemes incorporating commercial, residential, retail and other complementary uses. Increasingly exciting interplay exists between these different sectors, and our extensive experience perfectly positions us to capitalise on these opportunities.

  • Our integrated project management approach ensures effective communication, enabling each CO—RE project to both meet delivery objectives and achieve its development vision.

  • Environmental
    As we protect and enhance the built environment, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our developments through reduced carbon emission and lower energy consumption. We comply with all government and industry regulations. We are eliminating the use of hazardous materials and encouraging responsible sourcing of materials throughout the process.

    As we provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees with appropriate hours and conditions, we maintain an inclusive, diverse and respectful working environment with zero tolerance of discrimination and harassment. We comply with government regulations on protecting human rights, including the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. We engage with our communities through donations and volunteering.

    As we ensure fair and equitable business practices with clients, consultants and stakeholders, we hold firm against corruption, bribery and anti-competitive practices, and disclose any conflicts of interest. We ensure our directors meet their statutory obligations and duties, and we publish our company accounts at least annually. We protect our clients’ information through cyber security measures, and we have diligent internal company controls and a business continuity plan.