Senior Development Manager and London Property Alliance NextGen Vice-Chair Alex Thorpe hosts panel on AI and the Built Environment

What role will AI play in optimising and managing the buildings of the future? How can we guide AI to learn and offer the desired outcome? These were just some of the discussions at the London Property Alliance NextGen research panel event, exploring AI and the built environment.

Our Senior Development Manager and the Next Gen Vice-Chair Alex Thorpe chaired the panel of speakers which included Michael Beaven (Arup), Andy Mazzuchhelli (Landsec), Martha Tsigkari (Foster + Partners), Tom Wilcock (Arup) and Wei Yang (Digital Task Force for Planning).

If you would like to read more on Alex’s thoughts on the ongoing dialogue on work habits, the impact of AI and VR on the built environment, as well as how the next generation can help to tailor the workspaces being created for them, click here.